In 2017, the pioneer work of demystifying stereotypes of masculinity is taking
me to a completely unknown territory: the United States. Since this spring
2017, I set foot on this different yet equally complex nation, where minorities,
gender equality and freedom are particularly challenged in the current political
This new series of portraits will encourage the confluence of Arab and
American young men, by observing similarities and oppositions of the same
young generation’s search for identity, and to hopefully start a dialog on
diversity and universality.
Additionally, and in the same form as Mectoub, men’s images will be
intermittently juxtaposed with photographs of contemporary American
landscapes and interiors, creating a context to my protagonists and tracing my
travels progresses. This montage is a window to the social reality of a nation,
diverse and rich of races, classes, sub-cultures and minorities.
American Boys is a new chapter to preceding Mectoub. Both projects
complement each other and expose two worlds more divided now than ever.
My wish is that these young men’s raw emotional message will convey the
progressive image of what a man is today, and start building bridges.
In 2018, upcoming exhibits will reveal the variety and similarities of those
young faces on the same walls, in order to break the latter.